Welcome to my site, which is mostly in Hebrew.

I live and work in Israel, and am happy to consider invitations for workshops and lectures abroad.

In Israel, I am considered a pioneer and expert in the fields of Women’s Empowerment, Tantric Sexuality, Natural Childbirth, Sound Healing, and Positive Thinking. I have been working in these fields since 1991.

Poitive thinking for Morning
Poitive thinking for Evening
I offer private counseling for women, men, and couples of all ages, as well as workshops, lectures, and Women’s Circles.

All these activities can be taught in English, since I lived in the United States for many years.

My second book, the culmination of my professional work so far, was published in English in 2012, under my maiden name
Iris Y. Lancet.

It’s called Chocolate Man, Vanilla Woman
The Secrets of SoulSex
for Healthy Longevity

I invite you to look inside the book and purchase it as an e-book on Amazon. Also, please listen to and enjoy the morning and evening meditations in English which I have recorded for you.

I would love to share my knowledge and my inspiration with you, And I wish you joy of living, to love and be loved!