I was born in Israel in 1949 to young, beautiful patriotic parents. My father, a native Hungarian, served as a colonel in the army while my Dutch mother served the family, including me and my sister Maddy.

Even as a teenager, I loved to write, play the piano, sing and act, which led me to star in the film "He Walked the Fields" alongside Assi Dayan when I was 17. Later on, I served in the Central Command entertainment troop and in field intelligence.

At 20, I married music composer Kobi Recht, lived with him in Holland and France, performed in the musical group "Virgo", and participated in creating a number of records by the group.

When we moved back to Israel, we wrote the musical "The Apple," which became an American feature film produced my Menachem Golan.

During that time, I gave birth to our son Tom by C-Section and later on divorced Kobi. In the following years as I raised Tom, I worked as a journalist in various magazines and wrote songs and scripts for TV shows like the Hebrew "Sesame Street."

At 35, I married psychologist Moshe Talmon and left Israel again for Los Angeles, where I studied screenwriting at first. After about two years, we moved to the Berkeley area, where I was trained in various aspects of natural childbirth, voice healing, Tantra and feminine spirituality.

While living in northern California, I gave birth to our two children, Ella and Adam, both natural homebirths, and worked as a full-time mother of three. The transition from the difficult C-section to those amazing home births was one of the most significant stepping stones in my empowerment as a woman.

In 1990 I produced a video documenting the preparations and homebirth of Adam, called "9 Moons and A Baby".

After returning to Israel in 1991, I founded 'MotherWise' (Derech Em- in Hebrew) – The First Israeli Center for Natural Childbirth and Parenting - with Ilana Shemesh and Ruth Polden.

As pioneers, we developed many new methods related to parenting and womanhood such as special preparation for natural childbirth, pre-natal yoga and baby yoga, SoundTouch with babies, post-natal support, the first women circles and innovative products such as the first baby carriers in Israel and more.

Many well-known professionals in the field started their way in "MotherWise", which over the years expanded and became the Dyada centers chain.

Since 1991, I have been lecturing and teaching workshops and private counseling on various linked themes such as: Tantric approach to female and couple's sexuality, voice therapy, positive thinking, preparation for natural birthing and women empowerment.

I wrote in magazines, had a personal column for three years in the leading New Age magazine in Israel, and participated in many TV shows.

Over the years, I completed advanced studies in other forms of therapy, such as Holodynamics, Huna, Wicca and EFT. I also took lessons in drumming, belly-dancing, Chi-Gong and Indian chanting. All these and more are incorporated into my work.

Based on experience, I developed a unique approach to health and awareness called SoundTouch, which I use in treatment and during workshops with adults and babies. You can write me a mail and I will send you a 20 mins video that shows some elements of the method.

I recorded the Hebrew version for seven special CDs for healing and positive thinking by Louise L. Hay, that help thousands in Israel.

In 1999, I launched the 'Nashima – Feminine Nature Celebration' together with a women circle, in which 1,000 women celebrated the power and joy of sisterhood and the Goddess. This started a tradition of women festivals that empower women to this day.

In 2000, I launched with The Green Party partners the 'Big Hug' around the Kinneret (Sea of Gallilee), which was in danger of drying up. Thousands of people formed a circle of prayer around the Kinneret, and that very same night, the first rains came.

In 2004, I produced a CD with a circle of women singers called "Listen to Her Voice (Shim'u Kolla)," featuring circle and empowering songs I translated and wrote.

You can listen and dance with mothers and babies to the song "Power within me" from the disc.

In 2005 I created and hosted a Tantra course in Hebrew for the TV series 'Renewal' (Hitchadshut.)

In 2007, I created and hosted the TV series 'The Secret of Femininity' for HOT's Karma Channel, Featuring four 1-hour episodes about feminine spirituality in the past and present.

My first book in Hebrew was published by Carta House in 2008 and is called: "The Secret of Woman – Feminine Positive Thinking for Success."

In 2012 my second book came out called "Chocolate Man, Vanilla Women, The Secrets of SoulSex for Healthy Longevity". In English you can purchase it in Amazon as an e-book.

As a vision and contribution to peace - I fell in love with the Yarmuchian culture and the ancient local Goddess found in Kibbutz Sha'ar Hagolan.

The remarkable 8000 year-old Well of the Yarmuchian Goddess is located in Sha'ar Hagolan, south of the Sea of Galilee in Israel, at the cross point of four countries: Jordan, Israel, Syria and Palestine.

The beautiful living well was rediscovered several years ago and then covered by preserving earth – waiting for funds to be reconstructed.

I was lucky to experience the deep pure waters of the well and make a blessing ritual before it was covered again.

My vision is to build around it a sacred center for The Goddess of Peace in the area.

Read more about the well and plan your visit -

The Secret of the Israeli Well of Peace

Personally, I love reading: fiction, poetry, physics, philosophy, global futuristic studies, Nanotechnology and spiritual approaches. I love taking walks and bathing in the sea, even in winter. I enjoy singing and playing instruments, as well as being in nature, in love, laughing and enjoying silence. I try to create balance in my life between solitude and togetherness, indoor and outdoor, between all the things I love: My professional path – servicing humanity – creativity – Lover and partner - family – friends – and that which is beyond tangible reality.

I am not affiliated with any religion or certain spiritual path, but am always inspired by the Goddess symbols and myths. I will always continue to raise doubt and questions, being the student of the path of development and awareness, taking and absorbing from each master and creative thinking method.

Based on my studies and life experience, I am confident that when we find the true balance between femininity and masculinity, God and Goddess – culturally, religiously and socially – new solutions will come about for a harmonious, healthy and peaceful life on earth.