Private & Couple Counseling
I have extensive counseling experience in fields including positive thinking, women’s empowerment, and tantric sexuality. I also continue to work with women who are preparing for natural childbirth. I see clients at my home in Caesarea and in Tel Aviv. My fee for an individual session is 350 NIS. Please call me at 04-6260989 for questions or appointments.

Women’s counseling
Since 1991 I have been working with women of all ages on developing tools and skills for successfully navigating important life events and transitions, in realms including: sexuality, relationship challenges, parenthood, body image, developing vision and maximizing potential, healing and recovery, life management, menopause, and childbirth preparation (including after a difficult previous birth My approach to therapy combines conversation, guided imagery, voice healing, letting go of emotions, body care regimens, tantric exercises, and activities from my book Woman Secret.

I invite you to explore the beautiful spectrum of your womanhood. Opening to joy is opening to success!

Men’s counseling
I work with men on issues including sexuality, relationships, body care, finding meaning in adult life, making full use of retirement time, and more.

Couples counseling
I have many years’ experience working with couples through difficulties and crises, and helping couples to find the way back into love, passion, intimacy, and open communication.

I work with younger couples, parents, and mature couples of any age, including same-sex couples. My approach includes conversation, body care, identifying and working with sexual and communication problems, guided imagery, voice healing, tantric exercises and activities from my book Chocolate Man, Vanilla Woman.

My fee for a couples session is 400 NIS.

To schedule an initial appointment, please call 04-6260989.




Illustrations: Avi Katz